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Imagine you are looking to buy your first dream house, & you don't have clear understanding of how real estate market is? & you don't want to blindly invest your hard earned money.

At this scenario you will be looking for a real estate agent to represent you. From the 2 real estate agencies you wanted to choose from one has the active blog who provides tips, tricks and suggestions for first time home buyers. You later notice that the same agency is present in the first time home buyer forum answering the questions of people who first time home buyers and they are in research stage of their buying cycle.

The other agency is well reputed but it is largely inactive on social channels. Now, when it comes to choosing between these two which one you select? Of course, you will go with the agency which is socially active, because they have built the credibility with you.

So how does your sales rep can build credibility?

The sales job which requires a most amount of time to be spent in phone calls and sales visits, it will be difficult to find the time to invest on social platforms to build your authority. But by building credibility and demand in market place, a sales rep can minimize the time which they spends in searching for new customers and can re-invest that time in other areas. Here are 3 credibility-building activities your sales team can consider, sorted by the time investment each requires.

  1. Low Time Commitment: Schedule Facebook Posts, LinkedIn Posts, & Tweets about your area of expertise. You can Post or Tweet some tips, tricks or some valuable information. These can be your own original idea or you can link to useful content from other sites.
  2. Medium Time Commitment:
    • Answer to the questions on the sites like Quora & other forums related to your niche. Comment on blogs about your interested area. Answer to their problems in real time & don't be in urge to sell your product or services.
    • Develop relationships with other content creators in your field by following them on social media sites, commenting on their blogs, giving suggestions to them etc. They will expand your reach and can even recommend you in long run in there blogs or by some other way.
  3. Large Time Commitment: Start and maintain a blog on your area of expertise. According to HubSpot Research, the companies who blogs regularly have 55% more website visitors. It also helps them in ranking higher on search engines. Blogging on regular basis can help you to attract more customers at the top of sales funnel and hopefully can provide more quality leads at the end. You can also create & share the short YouTube videos in your niche.

By keeping your sales goal & time in mind, choose your proper credibility & awareness plan. This can help the sales reps in adding more value to the customer and can fetch you more customers.

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