Digital Moments

How People use to get information before Smartphones existed? Asking friends, Calling the store to know about operation hour's, Making a plan on paper before road trip but now we all turn to the our smartphone. Make your presence at these customer moments & see your customer growth over a period of time.

  1. In Moment of your customer needs.
    When a question or need arises, our smartphones are our most trusted resources. 96% of people using a smart phone to get things done.
    To meet the needs, 87% people are likely to use search engines than other online/offline sources such as store visits or social media. It is good to be available on search engines when they are in need.
  2. In Moments of your customer decision making.
    Mobile helps people to make decisions, when they are ready to buy. In fact, 70% of the smartphone owners who bought something in a store, first turned to their devices for information relevant to that purchase.
    Actions that commonly preceded a purchase.
Digital Moments

Source: ThinkwithGoogle

  1. In Moments of your Customer future address.
    Mobile search is used for more than just immediate needs. While search has long been useful to help with quick tasks like looking up a dinner recipe, it's also widely used to make progress on long term projects. 68% of people used search engines to get help with things they want to address at some point in future.

So what does all this mean to your business?

People have more choices than ever before to make choices both online and offline. As they turn to their smartphone to make understand something, learn something new, get something accomplished, or achieve a future goal - search is their lifeline. This is why so many brands use SEO & SEM to make an impression early and get into people's mind when they are at research stage. We have to meet people's micro-moments by providing the relevant content at right time.

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