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  • UX /UI Developer

    Bengaluru, India Full time
  • Skill Requirements:

    • UI/UX developer position involves working on various projects both large and small, From websites to large challenging applications , We are looking for talented people who can help us deliver best in class Frontend code that works across devices.
    • Expert knowledge of HTML5/CSS3/SCSS, Javascript and a good understanding of DOM.
    • Working knowledge with libraries such as jQuery, Bootstrap.
    • Deep understanding of CSS core structure and Specificity.
    • Working knowledge of SCSS on large projects with ITCSS / SMACSS Methodologies.
    • Must have a good understanding of Version Control such as GIT.
    • Ability to do development independently as well as working with teams to deliver large projects.
    • Must have a deep understanding of User Experience across devices responsive code is at the core of all projects delivered.
    • Excellent organisational skills with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
    • Optimisation of website content and code must be W3C Standard Complaint.
    • Challenges conventional practices and status quo with the goal of continually improving & delivering practical business solutions and stay at the forefront of cutting edge of Frontend development.
    • Strong communication skills with both spoken and written English.

    • Plus If -

    • Adept believer of keeping it DRY (Dont Repeat Yourself) concept.
    • Follow a standardised Naming Convention such as BEM (Block, Element, Modifier).

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