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Clear message, intuitive design and strong call-to-action are some of the features of our
Ecommerce website that has quick page load time and an easy checkout process


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Essential Features of an Ecommerce website.

Essential Features of an Ecommerce website.

Suggested pages

Providing user friendly and flexible options to search for products on your website will help in driving the traffic to those specific products, services or categories. Our team also provides your website a way to highlight promotions, seasonal discounts and special offers that you may be providing. This will give visitors easy navigation and manages site traffic in a better way.

Related products

Displaying a related or a similar product to the one the visitor is viewing will help visitor to buy a better product and could give your business a chance to make an additional sale. Also, visitor will spend more time to explore the range of products and browse other categories. Including share button for popular social network sites with each product will allow visitor to show your products to friends, relatives or colleagues. Our team incorporates all these features in an Ecommerce site that we design and develop.

Product filtering

Visitors to an Ecommerce site must have easy experience and at the same time must give your business the opportunity to showcase as many products as you can. Providing website visitors the ability to customise their search will make navigation easy. Visitor should be able to filter their preference based on brand, category, size, price and any other parameter. Our team keeps in mind all these little and big things to give you an Ecommerce site that is appreciated by visitors and is lucrative for you.

Product details

Our team lays lot of emphasis on product cataloguing on your Ecommerce site. Each product is carefully catalogued giving all the vital details in a clean, concise and smart manner. This gives confidence to any visitor and help to make the purchase. Our design also includes a feature that allows notifying your customer about a product availability that was out-of-stock when the customer had visited the site. So that you still retain the customer despite not having been able to make a sale.

Dynamic shopping cart

Our design includes a shopping cart feature that displays the items already added to the cart in real time. This assures the customers that items are added and then gives an easy option to customer to manage budget by adding or removing items from the cart. Also, the shopping cart feature allows customer to save and buy the items at their convenience. This design makes the user experience smooth and pleasant.

Shipping options

Shipping cost may vary based on the modes the customer prefers. We design your Ecommerce site in such way that, before the customer goes through the checkout process, options to choose shipping mode is displayed. Customer can choose mode that is paid and delivers immediately or choose to pay less or avail free shipping that may take time to deliver.

Payment confirmation

Our Ecommerce site design includes a process that displays the details of purchase on the payment confirmation page. This helps to build customer confidence and removes any ambiguity. The design also allows an automated email receipt to be delivered to the customer along with simple instructions on how the shipment can be tracked.

How to Build a Successful Ecommerce Website.

Set clear goals on every page

Predefined purpose of each Ecommerce website page is essential for smooth user experience. Home page should display each category very clearly. Option to search for products will make navigation easy for the visitor. Under each category, the products must be listed in clear, concise and smart manner. Simple process to choose products, make a purchase and checkout smoothly will increase customer’s confidence and brings valuable loyalty to your Ecommerce business.

List contact information

Modes of customer support like phone numbers or email addresses displayed on your Ecommerce website will make it simple and easy for customers to contact you. Visibly displaying customer support details will add assurance to a user experience. FAQs, products reviews, customer comments and testimonials will help to highlight the customer satisfaction that your business and the Ecommerce site have delivered so far.

Build brand loyalty

Repeat customers will help you build a solid brand loyalty. A customer may visit different websites before making a purchase. Retaining the customer even when there is no purchase made during the visit can be ensured by timely notifying the customer announcing the arrival of the product which may have been out-of-stock. Email or SMS notification is helpful to let the customer know about discount sales, seasonal offers and promotional campaigns.

A hassle-free checkout process

Create a checkout process that makes it effortless for your visitors to purchase your products. A smooth checkout process will make the website more users friendly and simple for visitors. A simplified checkout process persuades the customer to make a purchase. Clear and concise process that shows the items in the cart, shipping costs and option to add or remove goods helps the customer.

Up time of 100% vital for Ecommerce site

Stable, secure and robust website with no down time or no sluggish pace is ideal for an Ecommerce website. Our team Ecommerce designing guarantees that the site is on a reliable hosting plan. Also, we make sure that there is enough room to expand and grow in future. An Ecommerce site keeps evolving and our team is ready with projected expansion and proactively plans updates and expansions. The website should be ready to handle immediate growth or spiked volumes.

Essential Features of an Ecommerce website.

User-Friendly elements

Keeping the design of the Ecommerce site as simple, concise and smart is very essential. Including search options, dropdown menus, neatly catalogued items and a simple checkout process through the time the user is on the site helps the customer navigate easily and exactly know the items added, shipping cost and estimated delivery time.

Build brand recognition

Having a consistent design with uniform formatting parameters like font and colour is the first step to building a brand for your business. Before you sell any products, the website displaying the products help to make the first impression. Design consistency, easy site navigation and smartly placed call-to-action buttons goes a big way to build, enhance and expand your brand.

Strong calls-to-action

Each page where a specific key action is required from a user should have a strong call-to-action. ‘Add to cart’, ‘Checkout’ or ‘Submit’ are some key primary call-to-action points. You can have secondary points like providing option to save cart and buy later if the customer is not ready and needs time to make the purchase. However these secondary call-to-action points are to be placed on the site in such a way that they don’t distract from primary goals of the business, that is to make a sale.

Ecommerce Essential Features of an Ecommerce website

Back-end of a Strong Ecommerce Website.

Data control

Meta data is crucial and lot of it is generated in the background of an Ecommerce site. This data should rank high as a relevant keyword in search engine parameters. Customising title tag of each page on your website and creating rules for types of pages help to handle the meta-data. Every website has a system file (sitemap.xml) that lists all the pages of your website and search engine uses this list to help user to navigate to relevant page. Using this relation of the meta-data and search engine, develop page tags that help you optimize a large number of product pages

On-site code addition and editing

Sometimes it is required to keep the website added with new content or you may update, change or modify the existing content. Ability to add the essential code to the site like Google analytics tracking code or website Optimization software code ahead of time will assist web developer to save time and the time consumed for testing of the page is compressed

Website management

Owner, administrator or any authorised person of your business should be able to view all pertinent information or data to analyse performance of the website and the business. Reports from the website like in-stock items, sold goods, sales figures, number of visitors, conversions, and other performance metrics, must be easy to obtain with the option to easily customise the requirement of the analyst. Based on the analysis and report summary, any additions, deletions, and modifications to categories and sub-categories can be done. This helps you to keep the website and business updated.

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