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Website Design.

Website customised and designed with digital strategy
that enhances brand loyalty, increase conversion rate
and provide measurable results

Website Design company

Some of our Web Design Projects.

Engineered and tailored design for B2B or B2C website

Web Design Company In Bangalore


Hiveboxx is a family owned and operated company with little over than a decade of experience in the moving industry.

Mindful Company

Mindful Company store has a collection of meaningful modern jewellery which delivers inspiration, encouragement , design and great quality...

Website Design Process

Website Design Process.

Overview and process map of the website design process

Discovery & strategy phase

During this phase our team discovers the goals of your business, landscape of your market and core values. Strategies are formulated, detailed project plan is drafted and timelines are decided and agreed upon.

UX Planning & Information Architecture

After the discovery and strategy phase, the project moves to user experience and information architecture phase. Here, our team prepares a blueprint of your website that includes website layout, features, functionalities, user path flows, and specification document.

Creative Design Mock-ups led by Website Designer

Your website needs to look attractive, our team, in this phase designs the wireframes and designs the look and feel of each page of the website. Colour, font and graphics are selected and included in the storyboard

Responsive Web Design & Back-end Development

Our team designs your website in such a way that it works seamlessly and is equally responsive across different devices and browsers. Best practices are adopted and user-friendly content management is used to get the website respond in real time.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Extensive testing is done by the team to gain quality assurance that the websites is secure, page loading time is quick, there are no broken pages, adheres to the SEO norms and responds in same manner across devices and browsers.

Website Launch, Analysis & Optimization

After exhaustive QA phase the website goes Live. A test is performed on the live website to determine that it is working exactly the way it was designed. During this early launch period, a team continues to monitor the site and analyses user behaviours to improve and optimise performance, increase conversion rate and ensure repeat visits.

Some of the Websites that We Enhanced and Improvised.

We work on existing websites and give them a makeover to get them look better and perform better

How to design website to increase visitor engagement?


Content on the website must relate to your business, market and core values. Also, at the same time be informative, responsive and attractive to your target audience.

Relevant content, good user experience combined with search engine optimisation will help your website to be easily found online. Search engine trust these features and drive qualified traffic to your website, this ensures that there is increased traffic and enhances conversion rates. Our team integrates SEO, content, site responsiveness and online media to give your website a strategy that boost your online presence.

Rich media

Visual media is very vital and a useful presentation tool. A lot of message and information about your business and product can be presented to the visitor in an attractive and easy manner.

In addition to strong written content, visually appealing features like pictures, graphics and videos help to engage audience in a better way. This concise format can be easily shared across any digital platform. Our team can design, develop and implement such features to give your website a whole new look to enrich the essence of your brand.

Compelling CTAs

With calls-to-action, you can get visitors to engage with your brand and business.

Interesting and attractive content will keep the visitor engaged and encourages visitor to navigate through your website. Along the browsing journey of the visitor, informative and useful content provided will keep the attention. These CTAs, when used skilfully and strategically will lead to a conversion that feels natural to the visitor. Our team uses a scheme that easily fits into any digital platform and your CTAs will occupy visitors in such a way that it is united with your brand and at the same time is exciting.


A blog post will help your company position itself as a thought leader within your domain. You get a discussion going around your brand and reach out customers or hear from them. New ideas can be harvested by generating blog content that spans across your entire industry.

A blog can be a whole new way to drive qualified customers to your website. A visitor may share a blog that a potential customer finds interesting and want to visit your website to find more about your business and brand. Our team provides a well-designed, compelling and helpful blog that reflects your business and shows the knowledge you possess in the domain.

Social media integration

Social media has expanded tremendously and allows your business and brand to reach a large audience.

Our team includes the integration of social media into your website. Social media gives a chance to impress audience with your brand and business. Users on social media add themselves as brand loyal followers, and even let know others about your brand. Social media integrated into the website is adds new dynamics to your digital presence.

Effective design

Effective design that our team uses for your website will not only reflect identity of your business, it also sets and exhibits the high standard of your brand.

An effective design will give a unique essence to your brand and will make the brand stand apart amongst your competitors. Clear details about your product and services, contact information and well defined steps to make a purchase are part of effective design. Information about your business and brand will induce confidence into the visitor and an easy conversion takes place. Our team works to know the people and values behind the business so that we give your brand the digital presence that is engaging and gainful.

Responsive design

Making website compatible with all the platforms is very essential as visitor use a wide range of devices

A website that responds and works the same on any device or browser gives visitor the option to access and navigate your website from anywhere, anytime. This not only adds value from a business perspective, it also makes user engagement easier.

Quality assurance & usability

A well designed website will serve its purpose when it works as it was intended to work. Our team ensures that the website functions properly on a consistent basis on all platforms.

Our team will confirm multiple times to see that your website performs in the same way all the time. Each page and functionality of the website is made to pass through stringent quality tests before launching the website. Our team tries to anticipate any issue that may occur and proactively takes steps to alleviate the impact, so that the experience for the user is uninterrupted.

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