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B2C Website Design.

Business to consumer sites that cater to the
digital market needs

Some of our B2C Website Designs.

Our designers are experts at creating elegant websites that will capture the essence of your brand


Hiveboxx is a family owned and operated company with little over than a decade of experience in the moving industry.


SleepingDuck was founded in Melbourne and the teams motto is simple to bring a good night’s sleep back to basics.

How do we Design a Successful B2C Website?

Story telling

Through exciting, interactive, and engaging design elements, you can communicate to visitors who you are and what you believe in as a brand. By incorporating image into your website design, and augmenting it with strong content from a unique perspective, you can create a detailed picture for your audience to get a better understanding of your business

Social media engagement

It's important to present opportunities to engage with your business on other channels through design elements of your B2C website. Navigate your audience to your social media platforms and encourage them to reach out to you. This will help to build an online community for your business and allow customers to interact with you. Social media platforms encourage engagement with your brand, and offer you the chance to build a personality and an identity for your business

Optimised user experience

Your B2C website must be designed to attract new customers and retain the existing. A way to ensure this is to provide your audience with an optimal user experience that is both easy and enjoyable for them. B2C website must be responsive and work seamlessly on any device, so that visitors can access the site on the go or sitting at home

Understand target audience

After an analysis of your business, our team understands the audience that you are targeting it could be a large section of the society or particular age, gender or geo location. Including FAQs, chat options, email addresses, and contact numbers to reach your customer care will help build trust and enhance brand value.

Ecommerce capabilities

Ecommerce features like easy navigation, clear categories and well-arranged catalogue are the essential aspect. Strong call-to-action points and easy checkout process are primary and critical. In addition, B2C website must also have secondary points like option to save cart and buy later, sign-up forms for email newsletter and phone notifications

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