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Education Website Design.

School and university websites, mobile apps for the educational market, we create engaging digital experiences and results-driven digital marketing solutions for academic institutions

Some of our Education Website Designs.

Our creative design engage visitors though visual layouts and effectively portray your education brand

Penn College

Dental, Innovation and Business faculty is a one-of-a-kind destination for under graduate and post graduate student to find .....


ABBS is the favorite destination for students from across the country and is one of the very few Business schools in India that ....

How do we Design a Successful Education Website?

Understanding the audience

Visitors to an education website are mainly teachers, students and parents. We take into consideration the needs and requirement of each type of visitor and design the education website. Well defined path of navigation for teachers, students and parents. Education website is also designed to be responsive and works the same on any device or browser

Interactive experience

Education website is designed to show the kind of infrastructure the institution has. image and videos help to build trust and visitor come to know the facilities offered. A virtual tour included on the site will illustrate and provide awareness of the environment where they can live and learn. Simple forms, FAQs and other call-to-actions points give people a better idea of what academic opportunities are on offer

Knowing your goals

Having compelling calls to action that encourage people to navigate and browse your site and learn what your school has to offer is essential to a successful design. You can increase awareness, enrolment, and recruitment by prompting visitors to “Apply� or “Visit� These calls-to-action help you’re your education website to engage with your audience, and invite them to learn more about your community by becoming a part of it

Popular pages and other resources

Including a calendar that outline academic events, workshops, seminars, competitions, games is priority as these pages are the most visited. Directories with contact information for advisors, mentors and professors are extremely helpful as well. Blogs and links to other online resources will assist navigation to users who maybe seeking more details or exact information on varied topics

Branded messaging

Visitors to an education website come with needs based on varied branches of knowledge. Website design should cater to these diversified subjects and provide the same impression, usability and interface. These website design elements will unify people from different campuses, majors, and interests under one name and institution

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