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Food & Beverages Website Design.

Grab your audience’s attention with a captivating website
and mobile experience that conveys your
unique business flavour

Some of the Food and Beverages Website Designs.

Our website design bring out attractive and captivating pages to attract visitors


Ainmane products are real and unadulterated ranging from local honey, Bird’s eye chilli to the cruelty free wild Civet ‘Kaapi Luwak’, at AinMane, they aim to ....


It wasn’t just food that united thefoodlens founders, it was also curiosity, a mutual desire to explore the world and uncover its hidden culinary gems.....

How to Design a Successful Food and Beverages Website?

Mobile optimization

For a food and beverages providers, it is very important to have website that is easily accessible on mobile devices, as customer may want to find an F&B place on the go. Your website design needs to be optimized for all mobile devices. Make menus, ordering, and booking options prominent features that directly give audiences what they need. The simpler it is for someone to find your business, the easier it is for them to interact with you and become a customer

Social media integration

Whether you are a local restaurant, or a big brand in the dining industry, integrating social media into the design of your food and beverage website helps to expand your digital presence. Audiences love to share their meals and experiences with their social media followers. So creating a branded presence on all channels can expand your social following and customer base

Clear service offerings

The food and beverage industry is wide and it is essential to clearly show the gourmet, type of cuisine and regional food that you provide. Easy navigation using menus should be an integral part of the design. Restaurants, vendors, caterers, and retailers that function in partnership with you should also be able to find information easily. Branding is utmost important and critical

Quality image

Food and beverages website heavily relies on resolute image as the message conveyed should work as an appetiser for the user. image of gastronomic delights must have the capability to conjure taste, smell and cater to the palate of the visitor. Quality image of right size and resolution strategically placed on the website accompanied by call-to-action forms are the bare essentials

Build credibility

Credibility and trust will get the visitors to repeat orders and also will refer your website to family and friends as good food is one of the topics at social gatherings. Branding, credibility and trust will assure a first time visitor to stay loyal to your business and helps you to garner a good number of guaranteed customers

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