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Non-profit Website Design.

Using a non-profit website, you can make people more aware of issues, build and expand communities, and promote social service

Some of our Non-profit Website Designs.

Our non-profit website designs allows to connect, collaborate and address any cause


At YSA they believe that service supports youth in developing the skills necessary to make a difference in their community and succeed in school, work and life...

The National Forest

From their historic work in land acquisition to cutting-edge research that influences global policy, The Nature Conservancy is ....

How to Design a Successful Non-profit Website?

Turn visitors into advocates

Primary objective of a non-profit website is to get visitors to become ambassadors for the cause. Driving the message through social media, email newsletter and other offline channels will assist these ambassadors to advocate the cause and spread awareness. Providing latest and updated information content gives followers the opportunity to advocate the cause, suggest ideas, and share resources using various channels, paving the way for a united community of online supporters

Share thought provoking content

Your site should in a subtle manner convey an emotional message. Incorporating a blog into your website design and use it as a channel to share statistics, relevant news, testimonials, info-graphics, and overall insight into the work that you do. Content is an opportunity to spread awareness about your cause, and provide visitors with background about what you do. Use it as a tool to lay out the information needed for people to understand the cause and discover how they can help it to achieve its goals

Clear call-to-action buttons

Visitors to a non-profit website mainly look to offer donations, services or want to volunteer for the cause. Clear call-to-action form will make it easy for visitors to make donation, offer their service or volunteer for working for the cause

Responsive design

A responsive design will not only help you to convey the same message on any device, it also helps visitors to share and spread the message. This way the reach of the message is extended and helps you to get more people involved

Access to resources

Non-profit website will get visitors that are offering help or seeking help and assistance. You want to make sure that your website design caters to both, and provides all of the necessary resources to get the help and information that they need. Include testimonials from individuals, feature stories that emotionally connect people, and display research with statistics to communicate the work that you do. These elements will allow gaining a better understanding of the passion behind your cause

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