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Startup Website Design.

We design your startup site to help you advertise,
promote branding, and establish customer relations
using digital marketing

Some of our Startup Website Designs.

Our experts can help design, plan and launch your startup

Fuji Elevators and Escalators

An Indo-Japanese venture, Synergy Fuji Elevators and Escalators Company is an enterprise of Fuji Lifts Company, Suzhou who specializes ... aims to ensure people own cars that they really love.They sell cars across brands and segments and hence know about

How to Design a Startup Website?

Build a brand

Creating a brand starts from the website. The design of your website is the launch pad for all other branding efforts both online and offline. Prominent taglines and logos, combined with consistent messaging and colours, are the details that establish the visual representation of your business. Multimedia such as video and image are great ways to provide sharable content that demonstrate your product or services

Keep it simple

A simple website with easy navigable paths, clear call-to-action buttons, well sorted categories and neatly arranged catalogues can capture visitor attention. Then you can encourage visitors to explore. Use the image and simple messaging to establish what it is that you do, and what makes you different from competitors in your industry

Feature contact information

Featuring contact information will help visitors, vendors, business partners and others. Having the location clearly displayed on the website and list of all contact information that can connect people to your office or an individual representative of your company. This helps your audience gain the information necessary to understand what you do, while learning how they can benefit from working with your business


To grow your business, you need to establish trust and credibility. Testimonials, case studies, and press coverage are all features that can be incorporated into your website design to help validate your startup company to visitors and potential customers. Before someone can choose to do business with you, they need to know that they can trust your brand. Having an interface with all of these resources will build your online credibility, and your reputation

Responsive design

Your website should help you build up a diverse audience. You want to maximize the number of people who can find your business online, and that requires making your business accessible from any device. Having a strong mobile presence is essential, and as a modern startup company, you want to make sure that your website design stands out as a leader within your industry

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